3 Reasons Catholics Genuflect

By | August 17, 2019

Reporting live from Duluth, Minnesota,
my name is Father Mike Schmitz For … W… Ascension Presents… Jesus … OK, here we go Hi, my name’s Father Mike Schmitz,
and this is Ascension Presents. Have you ever noticed that when some people go into church, walk into a catholic church, that before they go into the pew, it looks like they kind of trip? They just like kind of like stutter step and then they duck into the pew. Some people, they stop and go down to their knee… Yeah, that’s what we were supposed to do. The little trip thing, it was probably an attempt at a genuflection Sorry, sidebar: Have you ever done this:
You’ve ever gone into a movie theater, and you’re Catholic, and you accidentally genuflect before you go into the row? Yes, I have done that on accident. Back to our story. As you go into church, right, before you go into the pew, you usually genuflect What’s does genuflection mean? That’s great question. It comes from two Latin words combined together genu- and -flection or something like this one means “knee” while the other means “bend” –
“to bend the knee” basically so as you go into church before you go into the pew, we genuflect
– bend the knee – towards the tabernacle, towards Jesus in the tabernacle. Now, if you’re in one of those churches that doesn’t have a tabernacle, but you have an altar right in the front, you would BOW in that case because we bow to the altar as a symbol of Jesus. The Eucharist is not a symbol of Jesus. The Eucharist IS Jesus so we go boom, all the way to the knee for that. Why do some people seem to trip and some people seem to actually know what they’re doing? I think because some people don’t know what they’re doing. So what’s the whole point behind genuflection? I’m saying something with my body to God in the tabernacle, saying something with our body to Jesus in the Eucharist. What am I saying? I’m saying at least one of three things,
maybe all three at the same time. Number one, genuflecting, bending that knee, is an act of humility It’s saying like, “OK, Jesus in the Eucharist you are God. I am not God.” And we have the opportunity at that moment to go down to the knee just like a like a person before their king, before someone before their lord and saying, “You are God, You’re the Lord.” So when I take that knee in front of the tabernacle, what we’re saying is, “You’re God, I’m not.”
It’s a posture of humility. “You’re God, I’m not.” but it’s also posture of action It’s a posture of committing yourself to the Lord’s service and what I mean by that is back in the day, when knights would pledge their service to their king, what they would do is they would take a knee, they would genuflect, essentially, before the king saying,
“I pledge my sword to you.” And this is I think this is one of the cooler things in the movie The Lord of the Rings, remember when they’re at Rivendell, I’m totally geeking out right now, but when they are at Rivendell, and they discover, OK, we have this ring, we got to destroy it in Mordor and who’s gonna do it? and then Frodo says, Well, I’ll do it although I don’t know the way… “…I don’t know how to get there.”
If he goes on his own, he’s toast. Aragorn takes a knee in front of Frodo And he says, “If by my life or by my death, I can help you to accomplish this task, then you have my sword.” He takes that knee. So first is humility, right, before Jesus in the Eucharist. The second step is “I’m at your service.” What you’re saying when you genuflect on the way into church and then the way out of church is, “Lord Jesus if by my life or by my death, … “…I can help You to accomplish the task that the mission You have of redeeming the world, … “…of bringing light to darkness, of bringing hope to where people have no hope, … “…of bringing healing to brokenness, then You have my life.” So, one it’s a movement of humility.
Two: it’s a movement of service. Three: It’s a movement of love, because think about this: when in our culture when would per chance a young man find himself upon one knee before the woman that he loves? When he’s proposing to her, When he’s saying, “Would you accept me as your husband for the rest of your life? “Will you give me the privilege, the honor, the duty of loving you for the rest of my life?” When you come into church, and when you leave church, when you genuflect before Jesus in the Eucharist, That’s what you’re saying too – it’s not only an act of humility and an act of service. It’s an act of love Jesus, I love you. Would you let me love you with my whole life? When you take that knee,
what we’re saying is, “You’re God, and I’m not.” What we are saying is, “Jesus, if by my life or by my death, I can help you to accomplish your mission of redeeming the world, … “…then just use me.” and number three, Jesus I love you.
Let me love you my whole life. So when we know what’s going on behind these movements at Mass, it changes everything. Do the same motions, but it’s no longer going through the motions It’s doing the motions with meaning. For all of us here at Ascension Presents,
my name’s Father Mike God bless so someone said the other day that I sound like a used car salesman [on] these and I was like that is rude and accurate But I can’t slow down when I’m talking because then it’s like hello My name’s father Mike Schmitz. This is ascension presents I don’t want to put you to sleep But you’re going to go to sleep because I’ve got all this energy when I want to talk about things that mean something to me But I can’t let it go out because I can’t start jumping around cuz I’ll break the chair I can’t start waving my hands in the air because that’ll just look really weird So it’s gotta come out somehow and I starts talking faster. I just care that’s how much I care

100 thoughts on “3 Reasons Catholics Genuflect

  1. June Dickerson Post author

    You do sound like a used car salesman….and for good reason. No offence to used car salesmen but we all know that they have been to "training" on how to "hypnotize" or convince people to purchase something that is faulty. (FACT: all used cars are faulty to some degree!) If this priest were "selling" PERFECT stuff (like the things found in God's Holy Word) he wouldn't need to "sell" it. And therefore he wouldn't sound like a used car salesman. But since he is selling faulty (man made) information, that can be found NO WHERE in the Bible, he needs to charm and coerce people into believing him. That's why he sounds like a used car salesman! The truth doesn't need bells and whistles to be believable but lies do! The word Genuflect is not in the Bible nor did anyone ever practice it in the Bible. We never read where the disciples bow when Jesus arrives! NEVER! So why did the Catholic religion make this practice up? What is the purpose. It is very obvious to true followers of Jesus Christ. Since the Catholic church is practicing heresy – they are obviously not working on the side of Jesus our Lord, they are working for Satan. What more does Satan want then for people to bow to idols. This man is trying to convince people that this is in reverence to Christ but it is not hard to figure out that Catholics genuflect to Mary as well. So in conclusion, the Catholic religion is a cult and they bow to idols and this man has come along to try to explain these things to be Scriptural acceptable when they are a huge violation to God's Word!!

  2. Jon Raath Post author

    The scripture you quote is the one where Jesus says eat the bread in remembrance of Him. We remember His body was broken for us. That's why we break bread when we take communion. He is not saying His presence is presence is in the bread. And the scriptures when Jesus says Eat my flesh was not literal – if He meant ot literally they would have eaten His flesh then and there and drank His blood at the same time. Jesus also said " I am the door" He is a spiritual door obviously. The only way to heaven is through Jesus the door. Not through a priest or sacraments or whatever. Romans 10:10.

  3. Christopher Goodman Post author

    You're hilarious! I'm currently trying to discern my vocation (I'm kind of at a fine tuning stage now, I suppose) and your videos have given me a tonne of nifty info! Thank you!

  4. Patrick McKeel Post author

    Father Mike, I think you sound incredible when you do these. I'm not Catholic or seeking to become one, yet I love your videos. I think you do a great job of explaining things so that all people can understand. Never be discouraged, keep running the race. Shalom and berakhah to you.

  5. Derek Everett Post author

    Genuine curiosity here. I've never been to a Catholic church before. Is genuflecting required? Let's say for examples sake, someone who could walk, but had leg disabilities where kneeling/crouching was quite painful if even possible? Thanks.

  6. Michelle Pappas-white Post author

    I am Going through RCIA and I am
    So confused my class tells me that I should bow going into Mass and genuflect when I leave.. I am
    So confused what do I do? Help.

  7. Keith Decker Post author

    4:43 Fr. Mike, you do have a lot of innocent enthusiastic energy. It works well for communicating a lot of words compressed into a short amount of time. That's good for complicated issues with a lot of detailed commentary to share. But if you'd like to ever take in (or try for yourself) a slower approach, which I think is somewhat more centered on emotional connection than detailed cognition, I'd suggest taking a listen to some videos by Ted Nottingham. He's my #1 preacher. Thanks to him largely that I have gravitated from agnosticism to Christianity. And thanks to you, Fr. Mike, that I've familiarized some with a Catholic take on many issues. Keep up the good work.

  8. Claudia Rivera Post author

    Fr Mike thank you for making me understand why some persons kneel before they enter the pew.

  9. ayngemac Post author

    You do NOT sound like a used-car salesman! Your passion for Jesus is apparent, and I love that, and that's why I watch!

  10. Carmencita Vettori Post author

    Your explanation is so beautiful. I already know what it means. But you made me more meaningful.

  11. Michael Pritchard Post author

    I love your videos. But I am not catholic, i am christian. Denomination seperates.
    The fact thay you do it on accident at the movies shows rhat it is not an act of love, humility, etcetera. You do it out of habbit now. Also, where is that biblical and necessary as a new covinant believer?

  12. Daniel W. Sonntag Post author

    I have a friend who genuflects again at the pew after receiving the Eucharist, I know there's nothing inherently wrong, just curious why that's not "technically" needed (kneeded 🤣)

  13. budi aryotejo Post author

    That is the correct honor and respecfully of commencing worship with genuflect to Jesus in catholic church

  14. J Gar Post author

    I read somewhere it was a venial sin to not genuflect. Is that correct?

  15. Billy G. Post author

    You are one of the best, I wonder about Fr, Ken Robbers That was on EWTN

  16. john browne Post author

    Catholics genuflect because they believe God is in a little box next to the alter. Every now and then they take him out and eat him.

  17. Robert Ruth Glenn Post author

    What if you've had a knee replacement and can't kneel.. and have been told by your doctor NO KNEELING?

  18. Arthur Ley Post author

    It is something I do without thinking every time I go to church..and now I know why. Thank you so much

  19. C.O. Jones Post author

    Great videos, Fr. Mike! Another reason we may seem to “trip” rather than fully genuflect knee-to-the-floor might be because some of us have old knee injuries coupled with arthritis. I know I do, and am unable to dip all the way to the floor. But if I could, I would, most certainly. Thanks for the great videos! God bless you!

  20. Elyse Mike Post author

    💖💖💖 (funny Fr Mike ..😅😅😅.. i just love the way you present … so inspiring.. 🔥🔥🔥)

  21. David Maxfield Post author

    I bend my knee but don't go down on one knee. I think if I did that I'd feel like I was showing off or something.

  22. Marie Ann Garcia Post author

    Thank you Fr Mike! God bless you! Ave Maria!

  23. Zyanya O'Neill Post author

    I have never noticed Catholics in Mexico genuflect, and boy is Mexico a Catholic country! I did notice so when I went to Mass in Canada, and it caught my eye as something new to me. Could it be a cultural thing? I'm not a Catholic yet, God-willing I'll start RCIA classes next year; maybe I haven't noticed them genuflect and they do? I'll have to ask.

  24. Susanna Palermo Post author

    Dear Father Mike, I always thought genuflecting meant that we are paying respect to Jesus falling as in the stations of the cross. I dont know where I got that from but thats what I think every time I genuflect. Im thinking of and feeling all the agony, humiliation, and fear Jesus endured for us. When I take the physical position, I think of that Stations of the Cross, in a frozen, enlarged moment.

  25. Patrícia Mendes Post author

    Hey there Father Mike. I noticed you have a chain in your wrist. Do you have any videos about the Consecration you've made (St. Louis de Monfort devotion)?

  26. Julie R Post author

    😂 Father Mike the Car Salesman. That cracked me up.

    Anyway, now I really know what genuflect is. Thanks, Father Mike. Typically, I just bend – or barely bend, and do the sign of the Cross. I will work on the genuflecting.

  27. Hoosier Momma Post author

    I would love to still be able to genuflect. Sadly my age and joints won’t allow it anymore 😞. I have also noticed that very few do it anymore. Are they still teaching it?

  28. Sophie Loves Sunsets Post author

    I'm happy and a little relieved to know I'm not the only Catholic to have accidentally genuflect at the movie theater … I also did that in a restaurant once too lol. I love all your videos. Thank you for taking the time to make them. God bless You Father 🙂

  29. Sabah Amal Post author

    Genuflecting is worship, do not make graven images & bow down to them.
    God alone is to be worshipped & prayed to. ☝️🙏🇦🇺

  30. Debbie Kope Post author

    Please put yourself in reality if you don't go to church because you have no way

  31. Debbie Richard Post author

    Don't slow down! I love your videos and I also share them on FB! Thank you most kindly, and God bless you!

  32. J W Post author

    Genuflect. Father Mike when I do this it's so very simple.  Plus body laungage.  Look too the Tabernacle…then genuflect one knee on the floor and in my mind/body I say; "My Lord and my God." That simple…it really is now.

  33. Philomena Swope Post author

    Yes, at movie theatres I'm constantly fighting the impulse to genuflect.

  34. Philomena Swope Post author

    Why can one only subscribe once! 😭 soooo meaningful and entertaining! 👏👌👍❤

  35. Ron Reuwer Post author

    Fr Mike keep it up your great and thank you

  36. Amy P Post author

    My knees are really bad so I have to be careful.  I know that sounds ridiculous.  But I try to do what I can.  It's awesome that Jesus is everywhere as well as in the tabernacle.  He's awesome, and he died for all of our sin.

  37. Maria Adoracion Giducos Post author

    Thank you father I really appreciate what you are doing it help us a lot to deepen our knowledge being a Catholic and made us authentic. Keep it up👍

  38. 2009glories Post author

    You are so funny, in a good way — more like fun to listen to and very informative. And you are very humble.

  39. Li Kris Han Kung Fu Post author

    It's how they want good little catholics to give head jobs to the priests they lust after. Vile people!

  40. Peggy Tacchino Post author

    totally done the genuflecting at a movie theater by accident….also accidentally blessed myself with water from the fountain at on the border restaurant

  41. J Hedgje Post author

    Love you father! 😍😍 you inspire me! 😀 uwu tell them the truth

  42. Maraloy Thomas Post author

    REALLY Father? ON accident??? I know you're around young adults who have little command of the English language but please don't speak like them… do you also say "these ones"? Is it also BY purpose? Love your instruction and clarity on why we do what we do, and how to practice our Faith. Praying for your speech to improve – LOL God Bless you always!

  43. Lillian Manuel Post author

    I have almost genuflected before going into a movie theater or an auditorium. When I do that, the next time, it think "Jesus is not present here in the Eucharist, so I will NOT genuflect" and I have to think REALLY hard to not genuflect! 🤣

  44. Betty Lindstrom Post author

    If there were more priests like this I might still be religious.

  45. Concerned Citizen Post author

    Genuflecting in church is encouraged yet genuflecting before the US flag is considered by many an act of treason…..go figure In either case its just a posture. Whether I stand, kneel or prostrate, all are acceptable before God. But it isnt really the posture of our bodies but its really the "posture of humility" of our hearts and minds that truly matters to God

  46. Sean Rath Post author

    St. Peter said that the believers are a royal priesthood of believers.We are all called to go back to our origins of where the church began 1Peter2;9 We as believers are a royal priesthood of believers.What did the early church do they broke bread daily from from house to house preached the gospel and healed the sick.When the Catholic Church was formed by Constantine in 325 ad Priests were introduced into that church . Constantine accepted Jesus as an extra god that’s why we have all the pagan statutes which is forbidden in exodus 20

  47. Be Still Post author

    Please Father, we are also asked to kneel when saying the rosary. Why is this? We don't worship Mary.
    Isnt kneeling only reserved for the highest act of worship to show our nothingness before God?
    We love Mary but shouldn't kneeling be for God alone?

  48. Be Still Post author

    Never seen a YouTube comment section with only positive comments, as I have herein, with regard to such a blessed priest like you. Your broadcast, humour, enthusiasm and wonderful depth, all in one is what God shaped in your soul, to love His Lambs. Thank you shepherd for hearing His call and starting this YouTube ministry for all the thirsty!

  49. Vicky Theodorides Post author

    You are amazing the way you talk
    You have my full attention
    All the way from South Africa
    Thank you Fr and God bless you

  50. Lenore Catalogna Post author

    I am sorry I confused you. No. My 4th grade sisyer my parents , brothers and I loved was Sister John Josseph, who remained a yraching sister of St. Joseph even After some of the ones I had like Sister Anne Dennis left the convent. Nut my 8th grade sister,Sister Elizabeth was always the biggest joke of my friend Thresea , Luke, and I because she used to get mad like a mAniac yelling at me with,"Look at her standing there so stupid. Get this Math truck off my desk>" Well ,my friend Thresea sat in front of me and Sister elizabeth used to slam her desk shut ,yelling at the class,and my friend Thresea used to practically jump out of her seat from feat. So if Mother Angelica thinks we would be impressed because she was her,she is nuts.."

  51. lisamarie4sanmarcos Post author

    Father makes it fun to pay for our priests!!!! Thanks for your awesome videos!!!

  52. Paul Market Post author

    Father Mike you make me smile and laugh often !! Great job !

  53. James Grosrenaud Post author

    I think you really love the videos where you can compare current movies with Catholic life .seen the capt American video way cool

  54. Jonny Setzler Post author

    I'm going back to Church after not going for like, almost 10 years, and trying to remember all the stuff you have to do is just dizzying to be honest. I was raised Catholic, but my family stopped going when I was like 9 or 10 (I honestly can't remember). Thank you Fr. Mike for this series of videos, they're really helpful to us Catholics who are out of practice 😛

    Quick question, what is the proper way to genuflect? You mentioned why people should do it, and I gathered that it should be a full kneel, but what exactly do you do? Is it a kneel and then you do the sign of the cross? Or just a kneel? It's been a long time since I attended a Mass and I feel like I've seen people do both

  55. Mug Post author

    So every time I genuflect, I'm saying to God "you have my sword" xD Very in keeping with being a soldier of Christ

  56. Brett Billesbach Post author

    #askfrmike– should I do this also? I might be able to do it and I might not. I've had wounds on my feet for many years and I'm diabetic so I'm trying to not loose my feet. I don't walk very well so I bow before I go into the row. Is this ok or do I need to get down fully?

  57. Wonko The Sane Post author

    You're kinda the Catholic version of Ben Shapiro; both of you would be great auctioneers.

  58. Karena Amundson Post author

    You are doing great things here! Your faithful service to do new things is inspiring to all. Being true to self is relatable.. not car salesmanish😃 New wine skin.

  59. Mark the Demystifier & Retroactive Jealousy Support Post author

    Another great video. So what is the difference been an alter, a tabernacle and a sacristy, please?

  60. Moogie B Post author

    Dear Fr. Silly, I just love you to pieces. Bless your Yankee heart❤️
    Seriously, I never knew all those explanations about genuflecting. Thank you.

  61. Ireta Brickey Post author

    Believe me from now on I will be taking a knee!

  62. Gerarda Neice Post author

    God Bless you, I love your style, of preaching,don’t slow down or change nothing,that’s who you are, we need prest that makes a difference, in our crazy world,always in my preyers,God Bless you.♥️💕🙏🏻

  63. Daniel W. Sonntag Post author

    I have a technical question about this… Do you need to genuflect after the first time at Mass? Do you genuflect again if you go to the bathroom, or let's say you're part of something like washing of the feet, baptism, confirmation, etc. Do you genuflect again when you return to your pew?

  64. Diana Akorfa Post author

    I love your videos. You made me laugh at the end. God bless you Father Mike.

  65. MrsJAZack Post author

    Keep being you Father, and allow the humility to grace you every time you assume you are sounding like a car salesman. It its true, so what if it is. You are good salesman, at selling us all tickets toward our direct path to God!

  66. Stacy Caruso Post author

    Do you talk about how unhealthy and sinful homosexual life is? Why are so many priests homosexual? Has the church purged pedophiles, rapists and molesters from their midst? Are you capable of maintaining celibacy your entire life? No one should forbid priests to marry and still be priests.

  67. jeangenie43 Post author

    Love this video! I’ll be thinking of this at the many opportunities I have to go to mass. Thank God we are free to worship our Lord.

  68. Palmina D'Alessandro Post author

    " Genuflect " = "On Bended Knee ~ Boys to Men" lol….I've been proposed to a few times….Yes, two of those times their MOTHER'S did the proposing for them lol..but if I were to be proposed to on bended knee…I'd probably be like *"Get UP fool…..yes"*…..maybe…depends . I won't marry just anybody …and don't get your mother to do it for you lol

  69. augustinacaitlin Post author

    Keep up the verve Father. It is uplifting to listen to your spiel and guidance.

  70. Daniel Pena Post author

    You can’t beat a good Lord of the Rings reference!

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    The Holy Spirit rejoice in you and makes the wonderful presentation by You! Keep it high. God Bless You with more heavenly blessings, In the Name of Jesus. Amen

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    How about WGOD? So wish more priests were like you, my attitude towards organized religion would be so different. Thanks for being so inspiring!

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