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By | September 4, 2019

Angelus Press is proud to announce the 9th
Annual Conference for Catholic Tradition – the official conference of the Society of St.
Pius X in North America. This three-day-weekend October-getaway is
hosted at the Hilton in North Kansas City. The conference focuses on applying Catholic
teaching to the most interesting and important issues of our day with professors and lecturers
from around the world. This year is the 50th anniversary of the encyclical
– Humanae Vitae – which is the impetus for this year’s conference topic “What does
the Church Really Say about Life?”. Keynote speaker, Bishop Bernard Fellay, returns
to the conference for the first time in five years. The 2018 Conference for Catholic Tradition
provides a clear understanding of the key principles pertaining to Euthanasia, Cloning,
Genetic Engineering and much more. It’s really important I think as Traditional
Catholics in this world today to keep that spirit. And it’s very positive to see we’re not
in this alone, we’re all here for common purpose – and not to give up. Each morning starts with the Sacrifice of
the Mass, and continues with a balance of interesting lectures… gourmet meals… and free time to talk with friends or shop at various artisan vendors. Group activities include Friday night trivia,
Saturday night mixer with cocktails and appetizers, and a Sunday wind-down concluding the weekend’s events. I was really impressed with how well-organized,
how well-structured, and how professional the Conference was. I’ve been going to business conferences
all over the country for years, and really the Angelus Press Conference is of the caliber
of some of the best conferences that I’ve been to. Whether you’re new to Catholicism, new to
Tradition, or a longtime attendee, the Conference for Catholic Tradition is the perfect opportunity
to learn, mingle with like-minded Catholics, and renew your Faith for the year to come. Register at angeluspress.org/conference and
make this an October to remember.

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  1. Joël Post author

    Please help me attend. I don’t know how. Please I need a seat in front to read lips.


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