2017-18 Service Learning Challenge: Inside Impact

By | August 31, 2019

– Hi! I’m Ross. – And I’m Andrew and we’re from Tennessee. – And we’re here to tell
you about this year’s Service Learning Challenge, Inside Impact. – Have you ever noticed
an issue in your community that could use some help? – Totally. Like recycling? Or bullying? Or the fact that in 2017,
there are still dogs walking around without any shoes. – It’s up to your team to choose a project that matters to you. Helping to solve community
issues is what this Challenge is all about! – No project is too big or too small. It’s the impact you make that counts! – At the tournament,
your team will present your project using a team-built
container that will unfold to reveal your props, backdrops
and everything else you need to help tell the story of your project. – But that’s not all! You’ll get to show off your design and math skills with your
own custom infographics. – What’s an infographic? – Well, basically infographics
are a cool way of explaining your project through pictures and numbers. – Like pie charts and stuff? – You’re catching on! – This Challenge sounds amazing! Let’s get out there and
make a difference with… – [Both] Inside Impact!

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