2016 Community Service Award – Sally Larsen

By | September 11, 2019

ANNOUNCER: The 2016 Trusted Choice Community Service Award recipient is Sally Larsen, an accounts payable clerk in the Ames accounting office. She was nominated by her fellow clerk Dee Matthews. SALLY: You know it’s something I didn’t expect at all because it’s just something that I’m very passionate about and love, doing the community service that I do. And so it just seems weird to accept an award for doing something that you just love to do so much anyway. DEE: Sally is a first responder, and she has skills to do that. It’s not a natural thing for a lot of people to do, but she definitely does. And Sally told me that the reason she does this very plain and simple: she wants to help people. Most of the calls that she receives are between midnight and four o’clock in the morning, and then she comes to work for her eight-hour day between six and seven o’clock in the morning. Anytime there’s a need for medical volunteers she’s there. She works with Mary Greeley, with RAGBRAI when it came through their area, the National Beep Baseball game that they have here in Ames. Sally also does work with the Special Olympics and the Iowa Games, and she finds it very fulfilling. SALLY: You just make time. I think that the small towns need the help. And I grew up with an aunt and uncle, and my uncle was very as well in the city council, and so I kind of grew up with that; giving to your community. DEE: She’s the kind of person that if she sees something that needs to be done, she offers to help to do it. And that’s true in her job, and it’s obviously true in her volunteer work. SALLY: Volunteering also makes a person feel good. If you put in one hour or if you put in many hours, it doesn’t matter. Volunteering is just the core of who we are, and nobody’s gotten through life, I don’t think at all, without somebody’s help. ANNOUNCER: Please congratulate Sally Larsen for her recognition as a 2016 Trusted Choice Award recipient.

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