2015 Diocesan Appeal

By | September 5, 2019

have you ever wondered if you are
walking on the path that leads you to Jesus have you ever stumbled and needed help
to get back on the one path the diocesan ministries lift us up and
give us the strength to lead us to the light of the world
Jesus Christ with 105 parishes and almost 393,000
parishioners our stories are told through a journey
from youth through adulthood and into retirement and beyond each
person has a unique journey as they travel on the one path to Christ one thing we share in commonis the catholic community of the Diocese
of Rockford one thing we share in common one thing we share in common focused on the Lord who loves us all nothing burns brighter than the flame of
Christ in a young person committed to their Catholic faith this flame burned brightly during the
Catholic Youth Summit which drew around 2,000 teams this year
preparing themselves to succeed in the world a strong church presence such as the
Catholic campus ministry at Northern Illinois University guides young men and women to learn
about themselves their faith and how their pass can bring
them closer to Christ are using campus ministries can’t do
this alone it needs your support through the
diocesan appeal to reach out to these young teens and
adults who desire to seek Jesus together we can help the children at the
Lord become the adult apostles of Christ discerning your vocation is part of the Catholic faith whether
the ordained life religious life married or single life
for some God is calling them into the priesthood
and it is important that the diocese helps them on this sacred path when a young man is called to the
priesthood the supported their family plays a large part in helping them
discern God’s voice the Diocese of Rockford is dedicated to
helping everyone here God’s call and leading them to that path there is a
strong need in our diocese for seminarians in with your help we can continue to
help them answer the call to serve Christ that is the path that are deaf Catholics
for although every day still hungry for the
Word of God the Deaf receive the word and sacraments
through the Deaf apostolate which is supported by this appeal
monsignor Glenn Nelson who directs the death apostolate
ministry overseas a wide range of activities to enrich the faithful I for
the deaf Catholics in our diocese but so much more needs to be done
through the diocesan appeal you can help spread God’s Word to those
who travel many miles to celebrate mass as a deaf community you will help them here and feel God’s
calling to the one path to Christ for many of our retired priests a life
well-lived means continued service to our Lord in fact many would not call it
retirement at all as they continue their priestly duties
to our people Monsignor Robert will hide and many of our priests has served our
diocese for over 50 years in his retirement he continues to
celebrate mass in our parishes visit the sick and hear confessions just
as he is done for all these many years your participation in the diocesan
appeal helps our retired priests continue to serve the parishes even in their later years the one passed
to Christ can be long then we are blessed to have
priests who can walk the way with us we all journey on a different road this
diverse city is what makes the Diocese of Rockford so
great it is also what makes the one true path that much brighter through the
ministries for the Diocese and in the grace of God we can all see
the path of Christ and join together in the joy of his
presence It is through your generous gifts that we can continue the efforts of the Diocese of Rockford to be the hands of Jesus Christ reaching out to the faithful, the needy and to the world. the grace of God allows us to continue
ministering to the poor and marginalized as we do through Catholic Charities, and the St. Elizabeth Catholic Community Center in Rockford. You can help keep Christ at the center of our Youth’s development through their High School and College years, when many need it most. Your support helps young men to become the next generation of priests through the support for our Vocations Office. your generous gift brings the Word of
God to the death and the sacraments to the homebound so you see you really are
making a difference in our diocese we are one body one body in Christ and
we do not stand alone We as a Catholic community work together to live our Faith. as evidence of this I’m standing in
recently renovated and expanded St. James Church in Belvidere This is just one of many examples of the vibrant and growing faith community in the Diocese of Rockford. we should be
proud of the good work we’ve done and continue to do I thank you for your support but the
need to expand our diocesan ministries that aid our parishes and the poor is still critical to the Church’s mission of spreading the Word of God. I invite you to join me in being as
generous as possible through gifting to the 2015 Dallas an appeal

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