2013 School Pathways to VET Award – Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College

By | September 2, 2019

Thank you, the School Pathways to VET Award goes to the Southern Cross Catholic Vocational
College. Patrick O’Reilly:
Winning the School Pathways to VET Award is fantastic recognition of lots of hard work
from many, many people over a number of years now. Our business and industry partners, our
fantastic staff, the students that we have had this year and previously, our college
advisory board, our colleagues in the catholic education office, many, many people have contributed
to what we have been able to achieve. The programs that Southern Cross Catholic Vocational
College offers are all about the best possible outcomes that we can offer to senior students,
we offer 15 different vocational qualification courses and students typically undertake three
of those to Certificate II level with a considerable number of those also competing to Certificate
III or Statement of Attainment to Certificate III. We also have upwards of 50 school based
apprentices and trainees this year, that’s grown dramatically in the last two years and
again that’s a fabulous pathway. Catherine Ryan:
I believe the School Pathway to VET Award is really an important achievement for our
school and for any school that has won it in the past. It’s important for our students
and our staff to be recognised for the work that they have done to help achieve this Award
for our school and something that other schools can strive for in the futrue. Patrick O’Reilly:
There are those out there who have some doubts and misgivings about the place of VET in senior
secondary qualifications, I think that the way that we are able to express that and provide
that at Southern Cross is fantastic and provides literally a pathway that changes students’

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