15 Adults Knew of Penn State Sex Abuse, Reminds of Catholic Church

By | November 18, 2019

david patten insure david dot com depends state sexual abuse pedophilia scandal
continues to unravel louis and i couldn’t think of any sicker hiring than the fact that accused coach jerry
sandusky wrote an autobiography titled touched the jerry sandusky story which was
published in two thousand one um… this is uh… it’s it’s a sake i ring is it not
because i feel like in retrospect there were some any signs that struck should
instruct people as absolutely bizarre about this guy not to mention the fact
that it appears fifteen adults at penn state new about the child sexual assaults and
rapes and that absolutely nothing about it and and it it just it really does seem to me
like they were just so many signs i guess the guys apartment window looks out at a playground which you know
in another itself is not really anything uh… his book is called patch to which
who knows if that was his idea of someone else’s but it is one sick and
irony uh… the guy was uh… it you know he doesn’t have a weird
thing actually and i don’t i don’t even really know how to broach the speakers to me like i’m i’m not that i i don’t want to tennessee
high i like children i don’t find myself someone who’s like
into kids in the sense that like you know i have a sister who seven and uh… you
know i liked her i hang around with her and and and whatever but i’m not one of
these people that like has this desire to constantly be around children and art is the most of the people who do
have that desire it’s its for good reasons it’s not for
bad reasons but there sometimes i just hear about a guy who has the charity and
helping children and heated i don’t uh… i don’t know you were
going with this but sometimes i find it weird when people are so fixated on
children like for example michael jackson michael jackson’s love children
said children are everything to him if there are no more children in the
world it’s over for him and he wants children is betting you
want to give a milk and cookies and our that backbeat he kinda had mixed use he
didn’t have a childhood we’ll show he said he was peter pan he
didn’t have a child has a history that you don’t have a job to find out what
what i’m saying is this just is is it always normal is it always been nine
when adults as well really wannabe around children obviously not always there has to be some barometer to figure
out is this guy really into helping kids or is this fixation and being around
children a little bit much um… i don’t think it’s ever something the you really think about when when
someone i mean if you had just met the guy then he was talking to you soon dusky
says oh you know i loved your travel gear and clothing he wouldn’t be anything keep u_n_
resurrect had indeed out they wouldn’t popping your
head that well maybe this guy’s a pathfinder will you know what i said you
just never assume that at some hike up i know i assume that a lot of people to i
mean i am i someone an imminent catholic priesthood then yes but without the
comparison i wait interesting you bring up the catholic church actually because there was this big group the questions come up with that so many
adults knew about this white why wasn’t more said or did we know but the sooner
why didn’t joe paterno but so many other people as well i mean twelve adult men in positions of power including joe paterno but also you know
team currently in grand spain year and jim calhoun ronald atrocities so many
people clearly knew about what was going on and i’d feel like what’s going on here
is very similar there’s this kind of a jock fraternity mentality at penn state
among the football program athletic programs is not that different from the
catholic church cover-up mentality in many ways right because you’re you’re protecting
your image you’re protecting your image and you don’t you don’t want to be
associated you don’t want it the story to break because you don’t
want you associated with it you don’t want to be the person
responsible for bringing it down when everybody else was ok covering it up
right that’s a common catholic church uh… team there’s a lot of similarities here and
both are completely despicable and everybody should be prosecuted to
the fullest extent of the law joe paterno what we’re hearing a lot but
he’s not going to be criminally liable in any way you know i don’t have any
particular interest in any something year old football coach well-known for college
football coach above and beyond anybody else but what i do have an interest in it is
him not avoiding prosecution simply because
of who he is right uh… everybody needs to be prosecuted for it we’re hearing he didn’t commit crimes in
the same time he’s retained of very high-profile criminal defense attorney not a public relations type person to add to address image but an actual criminal defense personnel
a time you say he didn’t commit a crime what
this story brings up is that the law it needs to be changed in pennsylvania
that’s exactly right so the pens and number of elected officials have now
said that the law needs to be changed because in pennsylvania if you’re not in
it in a certain position of power and if the find it very specifically in
pennsylvania you’re not criminally liable if you
don’t come forward about child sexual abuse so that absolutely needs to be
changed louis because the for joe paterno should be liable for what he did and those kids who were pouting and flipping cars over like like uh…
like in the church children because they want joe paterno to keep coaching i’ll
give me a break expel everyone of them will start even
get me started on those idiots

9 thoughts on “15 Adults Knew of Penn State Sex Abuse, Reminds of Catholic Church

  1. Renard Prather Post author

    Just about every PSA you hear says"' it's for the kids", "we need to thnk about the kids". this just show how little this country actually cares about kids.

  2. DerrenBrown100 Post author

    Penn State and child rape go hand in ass, i mean hand in hand.

  3. ickybird Post author

    This guy gave a statement to Bob Costas saying that he is not a pedophile. But all the behavior he admits to is grooming behavior. as taught in NAMBLA publications. His talk about building trust and being a true friend and then talking about touching their legs and showering with them….well, if it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, you can bet he is a member of NAMBLA.

  4. Teresa Fawkes Post author

    Another law that needs to change is the statute of limitations on child sexual assault. Some states have new statutes setting the time limit not from the actual commission of the crime, but from the time the victim had effective knowledge. This is to compensate for (a) a minor's inability to self-advocate, and (b) the tendency to form a mental block on the trauma that often doesn't resolve for decades. Meanwhile the perpetrator is often still active.

  5. flake452 Post author

    I think it ties in with the whole 99% thing, people hold far too much respect for people with power, its not just that catholics and every time a famous person gets into legal troubles they have so many supporters, I think its an evolutionary thing people follow power.

  6. AbonZel3 Post author

    I don't think it's a good idea nor is it fair to suspect someone of heinous crimes based on some after the fact signs. There are lots of people, like you said, that love being around children and try to help them, but you can't suspect them of molesting anyone. That allows you to suspect anyone for anything. There are millions of people who buy violent games. If one of them killed someone, would you have said we should have seen it coming?


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