11 Best Things To Do in Kolkata, India (Calcutta) – Kolkata Food and Travel Guide!

By | November 9, 2019

Kolkata, located in the West Bengal state
of India, is a loud, chaotic, and thought provoking city. Ancient decaying buildings
share the streets with a superabundance of honking yellow taxis, a multitude of pedestrians,
and roadside vendors selling everything conceivable. Coming up are eleven of the most memorable
things I did when I visited Kolkata, India. Number one is the home of mother teresa. I
am here at the entrance of mother teresa’s home, which is just known as mother’s home.
Mother Teresa said, intense love is not measured, it just gives, so she really lived that example,
and we are going to go into her house, there’s a museum, her tomb is there as well as her
room where she stayed when she lived here. I’m trying to keep my voice low because it’s
a really quiet and special place. But Mother Teresa did a lot of her work here, and you
can actually go in and see the tomb of Mother Teresa. Really an amazing place to visit. Number two is Kolkata’s famous Victoria Memorial,
one of the most important landmarks of the city. I’m here at the Victoria Memorial Hall
in Kolkata, India. It’s a cool morning, and I just paid four rupees entrance which is
to the garden, and then if you pay one hundred fifty rupees you can go into
the museum. Number three is the spooky South Park Street
Cemetery. And I think this place was set up in the seventeen hundreds sometime, but these
are just giant tombs, and then the whole place is just eerie from the vegetarian, and the
trees and the flowers, yah, really like ancient looking tombstones, Number three is the spooky South Park Street
Cemetery. Khalighat temple, and this is the oldest Hindu temple, sixteen hundred years
old, this is the oldest Hindu temple in Kolkata. Be careful for scammers in this area that
try to guide you around the temple and then ask for an absurdly unrealistic donation,
don’t be afraid to just walk away. Coming in at number five is the crazy shopping
district around the New Market. I’m standing outside of Sir Stuart Hogg Market which is
also just known as New Market. It’s a chaotic, and busy area of town, lots of street food
and lots of street shopping, and just lots of people, it’s a crazy chaotic area, pretty
interesting, a lot of things to do around here. So the New Market area in Kolkata, India. Number six is the Indian Museum, which is
also known as the Magic House. I’m standing just outside of the Indian Museum, in Kolkata,
and this is an extremely popular museum here and I heard that one of the attractions here
is a four thousand year old Egyptian mummy. Ok, I’m standing just outside of the Belur
Math Temple, which is just down there a little ways, but I’ve already been there and unfortuantely
they do not allow any photography inside or even outside of the temple, so this is the
best view I can give you, but it’s a really beautiful sight, this is a nice clean, private,
gated facility, beautiful temple and they also have a place where you can put your shoes,
a secure place, a free secure place to put your shoes so that you can enter the temple
to walk around for a little bit. But a really peaceful place right on the river, you can
also walk along the river. Belur Math temple. I’m taking the ferry Belur Math to Dakshineswar
temple, a little ferry ride across the river, and a little bit down the river. Number eight is the huge temple complex of
Dakshineswar, located north of Kolkata. Lots of activity happening, and this is right along
the banks of the river, so you can see the temple as well as you can go to the river
and you can take a boat there as well as watch, watch along the river as well. Below the Howrah bridge and adjacent to the
Mullik Ghat is the colorful bustling flower market, at number nine. Right below me is
the central flower market for Kolkata, so if you look down there, it’s bustling with
flowers and a big market, Occupying sun yat sen road, is the early morning
Chinese food terreti market at number ten. I’m at the morning Terreti bazar market, which
is kind of like a Chinese market. I’m here to just walk around and also to get some Chinese
food, some breakfast dishes, Finally at number eleven is the array of marvelous
Kolkata street food. From the beloved kati rolls to quick snacks like pani puri, Kolkata
will have you licking your lips. Kolkata, with more than its share of poverty
and hardships, offers a contrasting view into the reality of this Indian mega city. It’s
not the easiest nor the most convenient place to visit, but with patience and flexibility,
it provides fascinating rewards, never ending energy, and countless experiences to digest. Hey it’s Mark here, thank you very much for
watching my video, and please remember to give it a quick thumbs up. Also, don’t forget
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