10 Things Mormons WON’T Tell You

By | August 30, 2019

hey everyone did you know that there’s
no difference, very little difference between what Catholics believe and what
Mormons believe. Some of you might be saying, I know some of you might be
saying, what?? That doesn’t sound right you know. That… that’s not right! No it’s
not right but that’s what Mormons will tell you Mormons will actually tell you
to your face that there’s no difference between Mormon religion and your
religion except for one extra book The Book of Mormon
so dude Mormons came to my house once they found out I was Catholic a knight
basically told me that there was no difference between my Catholic religion
and their Mormon religion except for one book the Book of Mormon and that didn’t
sound right to me because I thought Mormons were really different so I
researched it and I found out that the Mormons have a whole array of different
beliefs even some quite wacky and not eccentric police they won’t tell you
those though and I actually found out after talking to them for a year and a
half I asked them about all these odd beliefs that I’d studied and the first
time they found out about it they had a deer-in-the-headlight
look like how did you find out about all of this and they talked to me about it
so I’m giving you in this video what you need to know and what Mormons will not
tell you and in fact they told me that they don’t tell people what they really
believe until they become a Mormon because they don’t have the Holy Spirit
and can’t understand it let’s see what we can’t understand number one they’ll say oh you believe in
the Trinity we believe in eternity too but what they won’t tell you is that
they believe that the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are three separate gods
they’re different gods and in fact another thing they won’t tell you is
that Mormons believe in millions of gods they believe there’s millions of God’s
out there but they only worship one and they’ll tell you in their articles of
faith that the Father Son and Holy Spirit are different gods but are one in
purpose so they do believe in multiple gods which is condemned in the Bible the
Bible says there is only one God number two they actually believe that
God who they worship who we worship was once a man like us see God didn’t create
the universe he actually worshipped another God on another planet who in
turn used to worship another god on another planet until they became gods
and ruled their own planet and now this is what our God is doing now why what
does that even mean well they believe that God who we worship was once a man
like us they believe is a man and that man by following all the laws of Mormon
actually achieved Godhead he became his own God and achieved gaining his own
planet he used to live out by a star on and some other galaxies but now he rules
over us here and they believe it like John 4:24 actually says that God is
spirit that’s what the Bible says God is spirit but Mormons teach that God the
Father has a body of flesh and bones because he was a man like us
moreover Mormons believe that if they follow the Book of Mormon in all the
laws of Mormon that they too will become God’s they’re going to become God
someday and on their own planet only if you’re a guide oh sorry ladies you don’t
get to own your own planet if you’re a guy you can become a god and on your own
planet women you basically have to become a spirit wife and you help
populate the planet for the rest of eternity
does that sound awesome sounds like a fantastic eternity you basically just
are a sexual spiritual I don’t know concubine or something it’s quite
bizarre but basically Mormons believe that if they’ve chief to the highest
heaven because they believe in three levels of heaven the highest one the
celestial kingdom they’re going to own their own planet just like God owns his
own planet now next Mormons actually believe in a
pre-existence meaning that when God and his spirit wife have relations I guess
however it works they have many many many kids but these kids live in a realm
not earth in a spiritual realm they’re all spirits and they’re all roaming
around and then eventually they’re given bodies and they come to earth so when
they’re given bodies then they come to earth kind of like us but before that
time they all see their eternal they’re up there forever and ever and ever for a
really really really long time now Jesus and saying we’re both brothers in the
pre-existence that’s what Mormons teach and Satan actually rebelled against God
this God in the pre-existence and so when he came down he was cursed as Satan
but Jesus and Satan were brothers but he was cursed
now King when he killed Abel Mormons actually teach that Cain participated in
the rebellion of the devil and so God cursed him and he gave him a curse so
the rest of the world could see that Cain was cursed and what was that curse
you asked it was black skin dark skin so that anyone who has dark skin could know
that they participated with the devil in the pre-existence in the rebellion the
devil wasn’t the only one to rebell up you know there were other spirits who
were built up there too and they were sent down to earth with dark skin with
black skin so everyone can know that they were cursed
and in fact Mormons have taught for their whole history that blacks were
cursed and if you don’t believe me look up and in their own writings you can
look it up in the Book of Mormon it’s still there in 2 Nephi 5 chapter 5:17
and 21 it actually talks about the black people who are cursed and it says if you
convert they will become white and blonde
sounds pretty third right to me but that’s what they believe and they that
also goes for Hispanics that also goes for Indians and that up goes for other
dark races they’re all cursed and they need to convert to become white and
blonde in the Book of Mormon kind of talks all about that and those who are
fair-skinned in fact it wasn’t until 1978 when the Mormon Church received
new revelation that blacks were allowed into their priesthood so that’s just one
thing kind of similar to that is their doctrine of polygamy because that
eventually changed with a new revelation to because it was actually an eternal
doctrine that’s what Moore has taught polygamy with an eternal doctrine that
you had to practice in order to get to heaven that’s what was taught by their
earliest prophets Orson Hine and Orson Pratt even taught that Jesus was a
polygamist and they were the Mormon prophets in the early days they thought
Jesus was a polygamist I mean what do you think the wedding of Cana was for it
was his wedding I know I know I didn’t say it that’s just what they believe but
they did believe that polygamy was an eternal doctrine now that was until the
United States actually came because they moved out west and they started seizing
all of the Mormon assets and taking their money in that sort of thing
because Mormons weren’t living according to the laws of the land and since they
were losing so much they suddenly got a new revelation stating that polygamy was
no longer acceptable and you have to just get married to one wife now a lot
of Mormons there’s over 40 sects of Mormonism and many all claim to be the
right sect but over 40 sects and some of them actually still practice pardon me
because they say that the teachings of polygamy were an eternal document that
can never be changed even if the government comes in and threatens you so
they actually still practice polygamy today and they believe that they are the
true Mormons and the majority of Mormons that you see around you today are the
fakes because they got rid of God’s law so there’s some turmoil and in Mormonism
but that’s the belief the majority of the worm is you see today don’t practice
polygamy and haven’t for quite some time as I hinted at before Mormons believe in
three different heavens the Telestial the terrestrial and the celestial heaven
celestial advise and that’s where all good Mormons hope to go next
Mormons don’t believe in drinking coffee they don’t believe in drinking Coke or
anything with caffeine in it at all and in fact the Mormons were so proud of
themselves when they came to my house once because they were had this guy
almost converted to Mormonism it was just he was Hispanic though and he
couldn’t he just he drinks coffee every day he couldn’t get this out of his life
and he didn’t really want to give it up so the Mormons said they snuck into his
house when he wasn’t home they stole his coffeemaker and they basically threw it
away for him and he’s like great thank you now I’m going to become Mormon and
he did the Mormons were like so proud of themselves for stealing if it’s coffee
maker but that’s what they believe they believe believe caffeine is evil and you
can’t trade caffeine so if you love coke you love coffee may want to stay away
from Mormonism also last but not least second last but
not least is baptism for the dead they actually baptize people who are
already dead why do you think all these ancestry things that are so popular
today they’re all run by Mormons or almost all of them because the Mormons
are obsessed with ancestry they want to find every single person who ever lived
as many as possible because they believe in baptizing you when you’re dead so if
you were an atheist and you didn’t believe that’s all right don’t baptize
you when you’re dead you’re okay you’ll make it to one of the heaven so you’re
good the last beliefs and again there’s many
more but the last beliefs and one of my personal favorites is that John the
Apostle you remember the John who wrote the Gospel of John he was Jesus’s
apostle yeah him he actually they actually believe that John is still
walking the earth today Mormons believe that st. John 2,000 plus years later is
still walking the earth today he’s still around he’s still performing miracles
he’s still wandering and you know converting people to the kingdom now I’m
going to my whole next video is going to be on this I’m not going to spend too
much time on it but I asked the Mormons I was like don’t you think it’s kind of
weird that in 2,000 years there haven’t been a single solitary st.
John sighting no newspaper anywhere no TV no radio no
reporter no person has ever seen the apostle st. John is dead a little weird
to you you know where is he right now they said
well he’s probably somewhere in Africa you know converting people might please
I think we have news everywhere no one in two thousand years as head of st.
John sighting in fact Saint John is not the only person who has been around for
2,000 years and Mormons actually believe that other people will be on earth until
the end of time meaning they’re already eternal they’re living forever on earth
like Saint John the Apostle now these are only some of the beliefs of Mormon
there’s a lot of beliefs that Mormons believe that are really out there and
they came upon them if you read The Book of Mormon
it’s pretty monotheistic it’s pretty close to the Catholic religion and it
wasn’t until the later revelations that Joseph Smith had like there’s many gods
and polygamy and all of these other things that moments really began to
devolve into something very much closer to Scientology or one of those weird
cults out there but I can tell you that Mormons and Catholics are very different
and these are just some of the things that Mormons will not tell you

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