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Z Nation Official Trailer (HD) Kellita Smith

[The Asylum] ♪ Tense music ♪ I know you’re out there. ♪ ♪ I can see you. (Shouting) Running. Hiding. (Zombie moan) Killing. [Gunfire] Surviving. In accordance with the Emergency Executive Orders You have been selected for exposure to an experimental substance. (Heartbeat) I’ve seen it all (Zombie screeching) And I’ve got to tell you,… Read More »

Meet the All-Muslim Girls Team Getting Buckets and Turning Heads | B/Real

♪♪♪ Upbeat synth horns ♪♪♪ – [Kassidi Macak:] I think this team’s legacy is huge. The Muslim girls basketball team that’s dominating. They’re proud of their faith, and they want it a part of their story. A lot of those girls probably don’t think that they are representing something bigger than themselves. They’re high school… Read More »

The Failure of American Hegemony: Why Nationalism Trumps Liberalism Every Time | John Mearsheimer

Today’s episode of Hidden Forces is made possible by listeners like you. For more information about this week’s episode, or for easy access to related programming, visit our website at and subscribe to our free email list. If you listen to the show on your Apple podcast app, remember you can give us a… Read More »

బడి షురూ ఐతే | When School Starts | My Village Show comedy

aunt! i will go after one week please.. you will go after one week but.. when were you in this house? you were just roaming here and there and never stayed at home and you are saying that you will stay one more week since 8 days you were staying here school also started.. when… Read More »

How to do the test – National Bowel Cancer Screening Program

(light music) Bowel cancer screening can save your life. When it’s detected early, nine out of ten cases can be treated successfully. The chance of getting bowel cancer increases from the age of 50. That’s why Australians aged between 50 and 74 will receive a free test kit in the mail every two years. People… Read More »